UNIT 1 QUESTIONNAIRE (Place the correct numeral of a question against the appropriate response in the listed sequence below)

  1. Who was Pierre de Coubertin and what role did he play in the history of early football in France and the world (Provide and analyse specific textual details and evidence of his role and why you think he was influential in the history of football)
  2. Recount how football developed in France in its early days according to Hare. What are the main football organizations and competitions that we owe to the French?
  3. How did the two world wars affect football in France? (Be sure to define and explain the nature of these effects between the two world wars)
  4. Discuss the relationship between football and politics in France.
  1. Discuss the “geography of French football.” Why is Paris a “special case” according to Hare? Why is hosting the World Cup a major opportunity for French cities?
  2. Referring to and analysing textual evidence in Football in France, argue how football and French national identity connected according to Hare?
  3. What do the terms “France Black, Blanc, Beur” mean in Hare’s book? What do the meaning of terms contribute to your understanding of Hare’s construction of the terms in his book?
  4. Who are the following people and why are they important according to Hare?
    (In developing your response to this question, make sure you distinguish the individuals on the list by placing the appropriate alphabet against the individual’s name and sequence them in the order in which they are listed below):
    1. a)  Raymond Kopa
    2. b)  Michel Platini
    3. c)  Roger Milla
    4. d)  Chris Waddle
    5. e)  Eric Cantona
    Special instructions on responding to question #8:
  1. a)  Be sure you describe the specific importance of these personalities in the context of Hare’s discussion of their importance and history in French / global football. For example, what were their contributions to French or global soccer, what awards did they win, etc.
  2. b)  Brief sentence descriptions will not score any points. Set up analysis of textual evidence from Hare’s text to clarify your assertions and claims on the importance of these personalities in the specific context of French / global soccer.


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