The Honor Code

CoursePear™平台不欣赏也不会参与任何类型的学术不诚实行为,也不会为作弊行为、欺诈行为和获得不正当的成绩或学位提供便利。The CoursePear platform does not appreciate and will not engage in any type of academic dishonesty nor facilitate cheating, the commitment of fraud, and the obtaining of unearned grades or degrees.


CoursePear™的Honor Code

CoursePear的荣誉守则代表了我们如何在我们的服务中支持学术诚信和高学术标准。它传达了学生、企业和作家对我们服务的期望,显示了我们对维护学术和企业诚信的最高标准的奉献。CoursePear’s Honor Code represents how we support academic integrity and high academic standards at our service. It communicates the expectations of students, businesses, and writers from our service and displays our dedication to preserving the highest standards of academic and corporate integrity.

CoursePear的导师不会为学生参加考试或测验 CoursePear tutors will not take tests and quizzes for a student
  • 作弊、抄袭或参与任何违反学生所在学校、学院或大学学术政策的行动或过程也是如此。如果专家在知情的情况下为作弊提供便利,我们将立即将其从我们的平台上删除。
  • The same goes for cheating, plagiarism, or engagement in any action or process that violates the students’ school, college, or university’s academic policy. If an expert has knowingly facilitated cheating, we will immediately remove them from our platform.
我们强烈反对 We’re strongly against
  • 作弊Cheating
  • 在任何学术作业中要求或提供未经批准的外部帮助。Asking for or providing unapproved outside help with any academic assignment.
  • 剽窃行为 Plagiarism
  • 窃取他人的作品,并将其作为自己的作品,而没有适当的署名。Stealing another person’s work and passing it off as one’s own without the proper attribution.
  • 冒名顶替 Impersonation
  • 出于任何目的冒用其他学生的身份。Taking on another student’s identity for any purpose.

请注意 Please note that,

  • 我们不支持,也不为任何类型的企业不诚信或违反企业政策的行为提供便利。我们绝不会协助用户进行欺诈或参与任何非法活动。We do not support, nor do we facilitate any type of corporate dishonesty or violation of corporate policies. We will never assist users in committing fraud or taking part in any illegal activity.
  • 如果发现有证据表明专家故意为任何类型的非法活动提供便利,他们将被立即从我们的平台上删除。If proof is found that an expert has knowingly facilitated any type of illegal activity, they will be immediately removed from our platform.

List of Prohibited Task Requests


CoursePear平台或移动应用程序的用户如果违反了我们的荣誉准则中确定的限制,将立即被永久禁止进入我们的平台,并且无法恢复其账户。Users of the CoursePear platform or Mobile Application who will infringe the restrictions identified in our Honor Code will immediately be banned from our platform permanently, without the ability to recover their account.

  • 制作假的财务报告。The creation of fake financial reports.
  • 制作带有虚假工作经验的简历。Making CVs with fake job experience.
  • 创建任何类型的官方文件。Creating official documents of any type.
  • 出于任何意图或目的冒充学生的身份。The impersonation of a student’s identity for any intent or purpose.
  • 准备大学学术或教育材料,并作为学生自己的作品出现。The preparation of college academic or educational materials to be presented as a student’s own work.
  • 编造虚假数据、信息或引文;任何其他违反学院或公司政策的行为或任务。The fabrication of fake data, information, or citations; any other actions or tasks that violate college or corporate policies.
CoursePear- Honor Code

注意到任何违反”Honor Code”的行为吗?

请迅速联系我们。If you notice activity that goes against the Honor Code, Please contact us as soon as possible.

报告违规行为 Report Violation

在CoursePear,我们相信作家们在提供商品和服务方面提供高质量的帮助。我们也相信,他们提供的帮助应该是符合道德的。如果你认为有人同意提供不道德的帮助,请,报告它的滥用。At CoursePear, we believe in writers providing high-quality help on delivering goods and services. We also believe that help they provide should be ethical. If you believe that someone agreed to provide unethical help, please, report it for abuse.

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有任何问题,请随时联络我们。If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.