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1. 使用各种研究方法来确定、选择和准备一篇文学作品。


3. 练习确定文学作品/作者所提出的关键论点的技能。





2. 你的表演必须在8到10分钟之间。我将提供时间信号。请注意,如果你超过了时间,我将扣10分。当 “停止 “信号出现时,请完成你的最后几句话并坐下来。此外,如果你没有达到最短的时间,你能得到的最高分数是C。你的表现应该显示你对内化和可视化的认识。

3. 你的表现应该显示出你已经为表演做了练习和准备。

4. 你的表演应该显示出一个可信的、自然的角色。

5. 你的表演应该有一个积极的、可信的高潮。

6. 你的表演应该有一个有效的预告和引言,说明为什么你的文学作品是重要的。

7. 预告。在表演开始时,从你选择的文学作品中选取一段话,最终引起观众的注意,使他们希望听到更多。最好是为你的介绍做准备。引子的时间限制应该是最少40秒,最多1分20秒。

  1. 你的表演需要呈现在一张黑色的建筑纸上。不要依赖剧本,你应该有良好的练习。
  2. 你的剪报、原始脚本和/或节目应在演出当天2点前通过VIA画布上传。
  3. 10.关于其他要求或你应该考虑的事情,请参见评分标准。
  4. 这项作业的价值是100分。评价标准包括:你对材料的选择,介绍的有效性,角色的塑造,节目的构建,语气、音调、速率、流畅度、转折、投射的正确使用,眼神接触和焦点的有效使用,清晰简洁的剪接,以及时间管理。
  5. 如同以往,如果你有任何问题,请随时提出!


1. To use a variety of research methods to identify, select, and prepare a piece of literature for performance.

2. To practice the skills of cutting and arranging literature to create an appropriate performance.

3. To practice the skill of identifying a key argument being made by the literature/author and

creating an introduction which highlights the social significance of the literature/performance.

4. To utilize effective delivery techniques to assist in the creation of a complete performance.

5. To utilize peer and self-evaluation in order to increase performer effectiveness.


In many social situations, someone may ask or wish to ask you the question: “tell me a story that represents you as an individual.” We often may ask ourselves that question, seeking to make sense of aspects of our own identity and personhood. This performance will seek answer this question, while serving as a synthesis of the theory and technique that you have learned in class. Within this performance you will be asked to either find an existing piece or create an original piece of literature that speaks to a key transformative moment, phenomenon, or experience(s) in your life that has shaped who you are. Due to the personal nature of this assignment, you are given full artistic license to create a performance that YOU are proud of. This performance is specifically designed to allow you to communicate your message to not only the class, but to a larger audience as well. Within this performance you may use one single piece of literature, or may program a combination of prose, poetry, and drama to communicate their intended message.

Requirements and Evaluation Criteria:

1. Your performance must be a prose, poetry, or drama. You may choose to select the works of another author, or write your own work which illustrates a key transformative moment in your life.

2. Your performance must be between 8 and 10 minutes. I will be providing time signals. Be cognizant that I will deduct 10 points if you go over time. When the STOP time signal is presented to you, please finish up your last few sentences and take a seat. Additionally, If you do not meet the minimum time the highest grade you can receive is a C.

3. Your performance should display your knowledge of internalization and visualization.

4. Your performance should display that you have practiced and prepared for the performance.

5. Your performance should display a believable, natural character.

6. Your performance should have a motivated, believable climax.

7. Your performance should have an effective teaser and introduction that has an argument as towhy your piece(s) of literature is significant.

  • Teaser: An entry from your chosen piece of literature that you deliver at the beginning of your performance that ultimately gets the attention of the audience and makes them wish to hear more. Preferably, the teaser should set up your introduction. The time limit of your teaser should be a minimum of 40 seconds and a maximum of 1:20.
  • Introduction: A segment of your performance that you have written yourself. The introduction comes after your teaser and ultimately makes an argument about the significance of your speech. Your introduction should end with the name or names and author or authors of your literature. The time limit of your teaser should be a minimum of 40 seconds and a maximum of 1:20.

8. Your performance needs to be presented on a piece of black construction paper. Do not rely on the script, you should be well-practiced.

 9. Your cuttings, original scripts, and/or programs should be uploaded VIA canvas by 2:00 the day of your performance.

10. See the rubric for other requirements or things you should be thinking about.

11. This assignment is worth 100 possible points. Evaluation criteria include: your selection of material, the effectiveness of the introduction, characterization, program construction, proper use of tone, pitch, rate, fluency, inflection, projection, effective use of eye contact and focal points, clear and concise cutting, and time management.

12. As always if you have any questions feel free to ask!



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